From good to great with
human insights

Engage with your customers to develop unparalleled experiences with the power of human insights delivered through the UserTribe platform.

We bring human understanding to the three core areas of customer experience.

Digital CX

Win at every digital touchpoint
Power the development of best-in-class digital solutions from apps, self-services to e-commerce with human understanding delivered by UserTribe.

Marketing CX

Increase ROMI like never before
Explore customer needs in new markets, map and understand the customer journey or create the brand that makes your customers fall in love.

Product CX

Turn products into growth machines
Accelerate product development by integrating the customer experience in all stages from ideation over prototyping to launch.

Human understanding powered by AI

People express themselves using all their senses and in context. In order to fully understand the customer and create valid human insights, UserTribe’s methodology and software utilise the rich video-format to capture and analyse all sensory reactions from sentiment to facial expression. In combination with human specialists powered by AI to reveal data patterns, human understanding is finally available to business professionals.

Big data needs human data

You know the what but do you also know the why? In a time where big data is able to tell you everything about customer behaviour, UserTribe helps you understand how to change that behaviour. Our hybrid technology enables you to talk to your customers in real-time to understand their thoughts, beliefs and motivations to increase the value of your digital products, services or communication.

Insights from anywhere in no time!

Bring your customers on board to your team and ask for their input in every step of the development process. The UserTribe platform enables you to ask and iterate with customers all over the world in as little as 48 hours from brief to report. Human Insights have never been easier.

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