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Saxo Bank connects people to investment opportunities in global capital markets. As a provider of multi-asset trading and investment, Saxo Bank strives to empower people with a user-friendly and personalised platform experience that gives them exactly what they need, when they need it, no matter if they want to actively trade global markets or invest into their future.

❝ The Investor platform is the core of the Saxo Bank offering to our in customers and a key differentiator. Staying ahead of our competitors by exceeding market expectations to the customer experience is a constant strategic priority. ❞

Martin Christiansen, Head of Platform at Saxo Bank

How do you create the world's best investor platform?

While having a great product experience is part of a winning formula, it’s equally important to create a great customer experience. That's why Saxo Bank used UserTribe in the development of their next-generation platform for investors.

Business objective

Saxo Bank had been developing a new investment platform where investors could find ways to invest their money and manage their investments through their smartphone or computer with additional app functions that offered a number of tools to help with investment decisions.

Saxo Bank wanted to understand the use and satisfaction with the current solution as well as apply an iterative process as they developed their new solution.

❝ With UserTribe we were able to do an iterative development process from ideation to launch which not only sped up time to market but made our platform take some major steps forward to maintain the position as the best online investment platform. ❞

Martin Christiansen, Head of Platforms at Saxo Bank


To get the best overview, UserTribe tested iteratively with a number of investors every step of the development process from evaluating the existing platform to prototyping until launch. By helping assess elements across the platform, Saxo Bank gained insights into their customers’ opinions; what drove them to use the platform and what didn’t as well as what they could improve - speeding up development while optimising new functionality, features and content.

With viable human insights coming from both the mobile and desktop versions, Saxo Bank was able to successfully manoeuvre its platform to be one of the most responsive on the market.


UserTribe was able to provide digital development with the right insights every step of the way by involving their customers in assessing and optimising the new platform.

The results talk for themselves as Saxo Bank went on to win the Best Platform for the active trader award 2019.

Facts about Saxo Bank

• The Saxo Bank Group is a world-leading provider of multi-asset trading and investment, with the vision of empowering clients to reach their financial goals.
• Saxo offers clients around the world broad access to global capital markets across asset classes, where they can trade more than 40,000 instruments across Forex, stocks, CFDs, futures, funds, bonds and futures spreads, in over 20 languages from one single margin account.
• Known for its expertise in online trading and investment and world-class technology, Saxo Bank is headquatered in Copenhagen with offices in financial centres such as Amsterdam, London, Paris, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, India and Tokyo.

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