Study Terms & Conditions

Study Access

A Service Level Agreement includes unlimited profiles with 14 days full Producer License access to the Insights Hub with each individual study delivery as well as additional features and content.

Following the 14 days access, the User(s) will no longer be able to access the full Insights Hub features unless the User(s) subscribes to platform license(s).

If no such license is acquired, the User(s) will become free Viewer Light profiles, where the User(s) can access study details, full-length videos and play of showreel from the Executive Summary Report in up to 5 years (See separate ‘Privacy Policy)

As the Insights Hub contains personally identifiable information (PII), it will require a company email address and a personal password to access.

See separate ‘Privacy Policy’ for information on data collection and participant rights.

Study Scope

A study is defined by study type & purpose, market(s) & customer segment(s), number of participants per segment and the estimated number of credits required to deliver the study.


A study must be approved by the Client based on the Study Scope. The estimated number of credits will be deducted from the Client’s Service Level Agreement upon approval.


A credit is five (5) participants in a specific geographical market & customer segment and can be multiplied depending on market and size of / access to customer segment.

Study Outline

When a Study Scope has been approved, the Client will receive a Study Outline for feedback and approval. 

The Study Outline will include proposed Client specific study objectives, the recommended study design, a detail participant description and the suggested question & task building blocks to be included in the study.


Client approval of the task design outline is considered a go-ahead to initiate participant recruitment.

Participant Recruitment

Participants can be recruited by either UserTribe, the Client or a third party, but must always provide explicit consent to the UserTribe Privacy Policy. Note if recruitment through a third party, UserTribe will pass on the direct cost plus a 20% management fee as part of the credit estimate.


The timeline for delivery is estimated and pending go-ahead from the Client. UserTribe will always proactively communicate any changes to the timeline and final delivery date. Note UserTribe will not provide a timeline if Client Recruitment.

Executive Summary Report

A study is delivered through an Executive Study Report containing conclusions and key insights supported by select customer quotes & observations. The report is delivered in pdf-format and will also include direct links to video showreels and additional insights on the Insights Hub 

As the Executive Study Report may contain confidential information, it will require a company email address to open.

Insights Hub

All studies will be available on the Insights Hub for 14 days after delivery after which a platform license is required for full feature access. Alternatively, free Viewer Light profiles are provided to be able to access the study data in up to 5 years (See separate ‘Privacy Policy)

As the Insights Hub contains personally identifiable information (PII), it will require email verification and a personal password to access.