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Get compensated for sharing your opinions while helping companies develop better products and services for people like you.

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Join the Tribe

We are passionate people who love to explore new ideas, evaluate new concepts and give feedback to the creators. Our participants come from all corners of the world, from all industries and specialties. All UserTribe participants get paid for their time. We reward our participants based on the specific study. Some studies are very broad and easy to complete. Others are narrower and demand a bit more from the participants. You always know the compensation for each study before you start.

Easy set-up

All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and our screen recording software.

Personalised support

We are always here to help you with any questions you may have along the way.

Well compensated

We offer compensation for the time and energy you spend participating for UserTribe.

Different perspectives

You could be asked to share experiences, opinions, test new solutions and much more.

Becoming a part of the Tribe is easy!

1. Sign up for the notifications

It guarantees that you will be notified every time there is a study in your area.

2. Participate in a study

You will receive a confirmation that you got admitted to participating. Remember, there are no good or wrong answers – we just want to know your opinion!

3. Get compensated

Finished your participation? The compensation will be with you soon!


Do you know someone who would fit perfectly for our study? Refer this person! We compensate referrals too.

Get notified whenever we launch a new study in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to be a participant?

It is a fun and easy side-gig to participate in research studies through UserTribe. You become a part of a large community with a passion for helping those who are creating products and services with your needs in mind.


How do I sign up?

Sign up here and we will notify you when we are conducting a new study in your area.


How do you send me the reward/giftcard?

We use the email address you have given us to send you your gift card. We are sending out all gift cards in one go, so please allow us 10 business days to handle all gift cards.


How do I get paid?

Different tests offer different compensation, and you will always be informed before the test what kind of compensation you will receive. Sometimes it is in the form of an Amazon Gift Card which will be delivered digitally to your email. Other times you may receive payment via PayPal. All payments are in USD. You can expect to receive your compensation within a week of completing the test.


Why am I paid so much?

Because your feedback is so valuable to the company that orders the test. Your inputs are combined with all other testers’ inputs, and the result is delivered as a complete report, which the client pays for. Some of that money goes to you and the other testers.

In some cases, the testers we need are difficult to find. Therefore, we raise the compensation amount even further. This means that what you get for participating in a test can vary significantly. If the compensation for a test is unusually high, it is likely because we are looking for a very specific or narrow group of people.


When do I get paid?

Please allow us 10 business days to pay everyone participating in our studies. Every contribution has to be quality assured and accepted.


Will the study work on my mobile device?

Your choice of device depends on the specific test. It will be clearly stated what kind of device is required for the test. Some tests are for mobile in which case you will have to download the screen recording software for your phone.


Do you conduct research in my country?

Our clients decide where in the world they want to test. Therefore, it is hard to guarantee tests in your country. Sign up as a tester and keep an eye on your inbox. Maybe our next client will need testers in your country.


Where can I get help?

If you have any problems with the screen recorder, understanding the tasks or any other issue, you are more than welcome to contact us:


Phone: +4577348685


What technology do I need?

You will need the device that the test is created for, either a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. For optimal sound quality, we also recommend using a headset with a microphone to record your speech.


In desktop tests, you will be asked to add our extension ‘UserTribe Recorder’ that only works with Google Chrome. This allows you to record your interactions on your device and send the recording to us when the test is completed.


In mobile and tablet tests, you will be asked to install an app. This allows you to record your interactions on your device and send the recording to us when the test is completed.


Why haven’t I heard back from you yet?

If you haven’t heard from us in 15 business days, then you are welcome to write us an email at


Think-aloud Method

When you partake in a study for UserTribe, you will have to think aloud. This means that you will express your thoughts through talk while you are going through the flow of tasks.


Quality recording

We recommend that you use a headset and sit in a well-lit room when you are participating in studies. Low-quality recordings will not be rewarded.



We are here to help. Please reach out to our team with any questions you may have.


Phone: +45 77348685

Share your experience

Tell us about your experience as a participant and read what others had to say on Trustpilot.


Where can I get help?

UserTribe’s internal team is always ready to assist with ongoing projects.

Gain experience

With UserTribe, you will work across different industries and markets all over the world. Being a specialist at UserTribe helps you grow and develop to deliver the best insights for our clients.


Phone: + 45 7199 2669