Bringing you even closer to your customers

Establish the basis for managing your customer insights more effectively than ever before. Accelerate your work through the enrichment of your already existing UserTribe data.
The Insights Hub is a cloud-based repository streamlining your customer experience data, insights and work. It's a next-generation platform to help you drive even deeper into your existing customer experience research.
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Answer all your insight needs.

We've looked into the challenges of our customers and built a solution, empowering you to listen, understand and act on customer experience.

Our experience data is all over the place, lost.

I'd love to go explore a specific issue in depth but I can't.

We don't connect data across projects or teams into a 360° understanding of our customers.

The experience data is not in the right form or meeting room when we need it most.

We don't know how to act on the insights: too often they end up having no impact.

All in one platform.

The UserTribe Insights Hub is essentially the first step in bringing your customers into the meeting room with you.
Break down data barriers and bring all your customer experience data into one platform - ensuring you build an end-to-end view of your customer journey.
Build a consistent memory of all interactions with customer boards, targeted search, smart crunching and shareable outcomes.
Perfect your data collection, analysis and business-critical decisions. Spend less time organising responses and more time listening and acting on insights.
Share your findings to ensure business impact and empower your product, marketing and digital activities directly in meetings.
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How to get more
business value
from your CX data.

The UserTribe Insights Hub

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Built on 3 core tools for all your customer insights


Find your customers' answers to your business-critical decisions in real-time

Hunting for that eye-opening, wow-like piece of insight? All your video material is transcribed, tagged and analysed for sentiment; allowing you to dig out relevant customer experiences within a single project or across all previous studies.
• Search for answers and insights into specific topics inside or across studies
• Experience your customers on demand
• Watch associated video snippets to ensure in-depth understanding

More crunching means more value

Increase the value of your experience data by crunching existing data to answer new hypotheses and inform key decisions.
• Explore specific feedback, suggestions or statements from related customer videos
• Combine data points to shed light on new business-critical hypotheses or questions
• Create your own Insight Boards with new findings, supported by the most enlightening customer experiences and quotes available

Share to empower

Sharing relevant customer insights with the right people at the right time is a prerequisite for empowering your business with customers.
• Encourage others to share more and make customers visible across your organisation
• Watch video 'snippets' directly in meetings
• Download core insights for presentations
• Share Insight Boards with your team and partners, and assign actions in a few clicks

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