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The power of the Experience Nugget: A tool for handling rich data

Executive Summary

The application of social science-oriented solutions to big business problems has long been an established norm within the world of business. What the pioneering companies that link the sociological world with the business world have taught us, for example, ReD Associates, is that quantifiable data alone is incomplete or sometimes even counterproductive. Marketers need a rich understanding of the customer context or experience to make better decisions. So far so good!

However, what still remains is the ever-persistent question of how experience data is made tangible in modern-day businesses. In other words, how do companies out there organise and manage experience data to make full use of its potential to improve performance? After all, it is no secret that the handling of rich data can be tricky for three main reasons:

Challenges of data handling

Potential Risk of Bias: How do I know what I know?

A premise for any kind of research is the potential risk of bias. Qualitative research, in particular, is commonly considered to be prone to what we call “researchers’ bias”- which is the process where the researchers’ biases or values impact the outcome of a study.

Summarising Qualitative Results: How do I turn my data into actionable insights?

While the summarisation of a quantitative study is relatively straightforward, the interpretation of qualitative data can be difficult due to its sheer volume, often making the organisation process a time-consuming task.

Impactful Data Presentation: How do I avoid losing my memory?

Much has been written on tools for effective data presentation and implementation – all with the focus on how to make research knowledge digestible, shareable and easy to implement. The conclusion is that traditional means of presentation such as reports, slide decks and dashboards risk collecting dust and prevents impactful research.

How UserTribe does it

In UserTribe we help clients manage CX data through the principles of atomic research, which is all about breaking down large-scale customer research into what we call experience nuggets. A ‘nugget’ is a combination of a customer quote or observation with topic tags, sentiment tags and emotional reaction tags supported by a short video snippet as evidence.

The nugget has three groundbreaking implications for effective data management:

1.Evidence-based research ensures validity in findings

To overcome challenges related to research bias, we have built a framework that accompanies findings with hard evidence in the form of video snippets. Being able to ‘see’ customers making their statements makes the verifying of findings easier and ensures unfiltered and straightforward answers to questions.

2. AI-generated tags ensure efficiency and a better knowledge-to-action framework

AI-generated tags attached to quotes or observations allow us to sort information efficiently. Tags may be content-oriented (website, price, button) or they can be context-related (positive, negative, problem). Ultimately, the ability to search across data via tags, makes it easy to analyse the data and discover similarities for insight generation and future action.

3. Improved storability and shareability enhances research memory

By storing knowledge online on what we call the UserTribe Insights Hub, we have made it easy to share insights and findings with stakeholders through a simple click. Rather than sending another PDF or mining through archives, you can continuously cross-collaborate and share relevant data insights from a wide timeframe through one portal anytime, anywhere.

Ultimately, the UserTribe Insights Hub is a gateway for companies to fully exploit the potential of rich qualitative data.™

The UserTribe Insights Hub is the all-in-one-place customer experience platform. It is a digital library for your customer experience data and will enable you to search, crunch & share insights across your organisation. Feel free to contact us for more information or to book a demo.

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