How we help Travel companies

How we help Travel companies


Do you know how your customers experience doing business with your company?

If you want to make visitors of your website or app buy (more of) your travel products or services, try to look at your business from the outside. Through the eyes of your visitors. Are there any criteria that need to be taken into account to make them customers? Probably. For example, whether:

  • Your services seem trustworthy for visitors to spend money on
  • Your service seems manageable, or
  • You offer products/solutions that fit your customers?

Experiencing your business through the eyes of your potential customers is the most cost-efficient way of meeting your customers’ expectations. This is where UserTribeTM can help you.

How UserTribeTM can assist you in optimization

UserTribeTM gives you insights into how customers actually experience doing business with you and your company. With these insights we are able to discover and utilize the potential of your business. Our expertise has already helped several Travel industries within especially two main areas:

    • Turn visitors into customers: The increased competition within the travel industry means that customers to a greater extent are willing to search the web for a deal that matches their criteria. A lot of visitors on your website or App might therefore be willing to buy – but was for some reason not convinced. By conducting behavioral analyses, we are able to determine what stops them, and raise your conversion rate.


  • Making customers return: Our behavioral analyses of web products and apps are to ensure that the finished product will meet the expectations of your customers. Satisfied customers are loyal, and putting their needs first will secure their loyalty to your brand. We assist you in integrating archetypes into your business structure, to ensure that your customers’ behavioral patterns will be a central key figure in your future business development. This also secures that divisions across the organization will work with a common starting point, creating the best possible foundation for your customers. By securing a customer empowered experience, you will safeguard their return.

Some clients in the travel industry

Air Greenland
Check Point Travel
FDM Travel
Folke Ferie
Profil Rejser
Sol og Strand

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