No one can express UserTribe values

better than ourselves.

With a new rebranding comes a refreshing set of values. That's where you come into play - you've seen the development of UserTribe and you're the best people to define where we are at this stage of the company's life.
Take a look around the page, get some inspiration and write down what you feel, which values we should carry forward and which new values we should embrace. Don't be shy, the floor is yours!

"Shut the f**k up. Work hard. Be a champ."

"A will to win: we exhibit a strong will to win in every aspect"

"Hardworking, innovative and partial to a game of ping-pong"

So who do YOU think we are?

You've heard we're rebranding. Now's the time for you to define us as a company seen as though we're the ones working here, day in day out, it's pretty important for us to define our core beliefs. Fill out the form and let us know what you think UserTribe stands for.

Define values