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Feature Experience
Innovate with value & deliver top-tier experiences.
Wireframe Experience
Deliver easy & functionaæ CX, time & time again.
Design Experience
Save development costs and minimise time to market by involving users.
Prototype Experience
Maximise general satisfaction, engagement & loyalty through customer involvement.
Beta Experience
Launch with confidence to create long-lasting relations with customers.
Live Experience
Discover the why & understand where to place your foot next.
Flow Experience & Optimisation
Gain more from your flows, from sign up to purchase - we'll help you cover it all.

Is your digital innovation driven by creating value to your customers and how do you know and prioritize between the most valuable features to design and build next?

A Value Experience study tells you how and if your planned digital features will deliver value to your customers and how features should be improved and prioritized? This enables you to focus your resources, reduce time to market and create stronger business impact with the features you launch.
Why is a Value Experience study of value to your business?
- Know what features to prioritise when prototyping
- Reduce time to market and optimise development costs
- Reduce the risk of launching a sub-par product to market
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Michael Mortensen, VP Business Development, UserTribe

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Ensure your wireframe lives up to easy and functional CX

Gain an overall understanding of how your wireframe and its key features are perceived. Through insights of the wireframe including its overall architecture, identify issues early on and fix them to cover users’ needs.
Why is a Wireframe Experience study of value to your business?
- Increase adoption rate upon launching to market
- Increase users’ satisfaction, engagement and product loyalty
- Reduce time to market, risk of failures and development costs
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Ensure your design will deliver best in class CX

Gain insights into whether users understand the design mockup of your website including specific elements of information and content. Through involving users’ in the product design development, uncover elements to fix, remove or build in to improve usability and experience.
Why is a Design Experience study of value to your business?
- Create better UX, deliver more engagement and satisfaction
- Increase adoption and retention when launching
- Save development costs and minimise time to market
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Eliminate prototype issues to ensure cost-efficient tech development

Test your digital products with its users and identify pain points to fix before moving forward. Gain access to feedback of your prototype; ease of navigation, use and ability to easily and intuitively interact as well as understand core issues including root causes and suggestions for how to best fix them.
Why is a Prototype Experience study of value to your business?
- Maximise users’ general satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
- Drive higher adoption (retention) after launching to market
- Minimise time to market, risk of failure and development costs
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Fix all major bugs to deliver a successful first-hand customer experience with your app or new feature

Launch your digital product to market with confidence after fine-tuning it with feedback from users. Uncover users’ experience navigating each aspect of the website; how they use it, complete specific tasks and resolve the remaining issues related to both usability and content.
Why is a Beta Experience study of value to your business?
- Get to launch with confidence that your product will work
- Increase conversion, satisfaction and product engagement
- Save development costs thus minimising your time to market
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Deep dive into the customer experience of your website and find the WHY answer to understand your google analytics. Zoom in on features, content or cohesion with other marketing channels.

Improve conversion across key digital touchpoints by looking at how users interact with them. With a first time website, there’s always room to improve and optimise post-launch. Gain feedback to better prioritise your digital initiatives and customer understanding of the site overall as well as its key elements. Address the main issues to drive conversion, usage and satisfaction.
Why is a Live Experience study of value to your business?
- Improve overall UX, user satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
- Increase conversion
- Improve your brand perception and recognition among users
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Want to gain more from your flows? Look into everything from sign up, booking or purchase flows to grow your business' conversion rates.

Get to know how users experience your digital flow and identify key drivers behind them dropping off. Prioritise your fix list to execute to increase conversion. Gain insights into their experience as well as the reactions they have over the flow structure and logic. Further understanding of key drivers causing users to drop off allows for ideas to generate for addressing them. Access user understanding of the digital journey including each step and element and where core issues occur.
Why is a Flow Experience & Optimisation study of value to your business?
- Increase conversion
- Improve overall UX, user satisfaction engagement and loyalty
- Improve your brand perception/sentiment amongst users
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Michael Mortensen, VP Business Development, UserTribe

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