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Accelerate your business results with neutral and honest customer insights

Research proves that in most businesses there is a blind spot: What the businesses deliver is not what their customers actually want or need.

With UserTribe’s on demand platform you gain access to an innovative way of working strategically with behavioral customer insights. Each full service experience starts with the Discovery Process, in which we map out opportunities and gaps in your current processes. Next, we address those opportunities and gaps through neutral, unbiased Insights into the actual behavior and needs of your customers. Finally, we enable you to Integrate & Secure learnings from the Insights phase into your organization, thus ensuring the best strategic and operational outcome across all your departments and business lines.

UserTribe’s services form a natural, fast and flexible part of your processes, enabling you to accelerate development and solve business questions and strategic challenges. Our rapid, honest method empowers your business to meet customer needs and deliver high quality projects. Every time.
And that is Customer Empowered Business™.

Are you ready to become customer empowered?

✓   Discover gaps with great business potential
✓   Experience your business through the eyes of your customers
✓   Learn how and why potential customers do business with your competitors
✓   Integrate learnings across your entire business
✓   Kill internal discussions and make wiser, faster business decisions

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A typical process with UserTribe: Discovery – Insights – Integrate & Secure

As a UserTribe client, we will consult and guide you through the entire process, from your initial strategic thoughts all the way to the final micro optimizations. The Customer Empowered Business process is made up of three stages: Discovery, Insights and Integrate & Secure.

icon-export-09 Starting with the Discovery phase, in which we map out opportunities and gaps in your current processes and create roadmaps. We also take a look at best and bad practices from your industry. Based on this groundwork, we set up business cases based on your business goals and KPIs.

icon-export-17 In the Insights phase we conduct behavioral research with your target group based on the roadmaps and task designs that our specialists develop especially for you. We gather insights into actual customer behavior and needs. We present the findings to you in the form of actionable insights and video evidence, combined with global best practices within customer experience.

icon-export-49 Finally, in the Integrate & Secure phase we enable you to integrate and secure the implementation of the learnings and best practices that we provide you with, across all your departments and business lines.

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