Avoid Failure and Fiasco in Your Projects and Business


Know exactly how your customers experience doing business with you, in as short as 48 hours, in any segment, in any market, anywhere in the world.

Imagine the difference it would make if you knew what your customers experience, think and actually do, in response to your campaign or product, no matter where in the project lifecycle you are. Most likely, your customers’ perception is different from your own. This leads to you making decisions based on your beliefs, and not based on the needs of your customers.

This is where we come in. We provide you with a Customer Reality Check to validate your campaign, product or idea. You will receive a report, documented with real life videos, highlighting any critical issues. It will allow you to immediately adjust and optimize to make sure you achieve your business goals.


What's in it for you?

Customer insights. On demand, worldwide. As fast as 48 hours, in any market and any segment - easy, fast and flexible.

Customer reality check. On camera. Your customers’ journeys, needs, thoughts and actual actions on video.

Actionable recommendations. Prioritized. Co-create, develop, optimize and remove errors – and reach your business goals.

Mission critical value creation. Always. No cure, no pay: Objective, strategic value for your business or your money back.

Empower decision making and change. Customer empowered across projects, functions and processes.

The UserTribe Process


Starting with the Discovery phase, in which we map out opportunities and gaps in your current processes and create roadmaps. We also take a look at best and bad practices from your industry. Based on this groundwork, we set KPIs.


In the Insights phase, we conduct behavioral research with your target group based on the roadmaps and task designs that our specialists develop especially for you. We gather insights into actual customer behavior and needs.

Integrate & secure

Finally, in the Integrate & Secure phase, we enable you to integrate and secure the implementation of the learnings and best practices that we provide you with, across all your departments and business lines.

Learn why potential customers choose your competitors instead of you

Watch video evidence of your target group’s behavior to develop and optimize your campaign, product or idea. Receive prioritized recommendations developing and optimizing!

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