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Danske Bank wanted to be first and win a highly attractive customer segment. To do so, Danske Bank partnered up with UserTribe to fast-track their marketing development by integrating the voice of customers accurately in the process - all with the aim of hitting the market right with maximum impact.

June, the app

❝ When we were planning the advertisement campaign for June, we wanted a deeper understanding of what the customers were expecting and their perception of investment robots. It was essential for us to get to get credible and authentic reactions to different ways of presenting our message . The way to do so was to design a customer-centric campaign development process. ❞

Dorthe Krogh Jensen, Head of Brand Experience & Marketing at Danske Bank

Business Objective

UserTribe and Danske Bank share the same belief. When you want to be the key players in global competition there is no room for errors. The easiest mistake to make is when you forget the human behind the customer.

One of the great challenges when introducing a new product is to ensure a powerful marketing campaign. Danske Bank's aim with June was to take out the complexity of investing your money and thereby making it available to the broader majority of people. Giving them the opportunity to get a positive return on their savings.
It’s no longer an opportunity only for professionals but also for John and Jane who don't want to have a sleeping private saving.

In consequence, the central business objective for these studies was to gain deep, rich human insights to develop a winning marketing campaign in order for June to secure awareness, positioning, app download and usage.

The participants for the studies were a broad B2C containing current and non-customers of Danske Bank.

❝ With the process of including the customers from start to finish, we were able to develop a winning launch campaign that together with a fantastic product gave us the strongest positioning on the market. And we still have it. ❞

Dorthe Krogh Jensen, Head of Brand Experience & Marketing at Danske Bank


Right from the start, it was clear to Danske Bank and UserTribe that the best solution was to involve potential customers across the process in the making of the marketing campaign for June. That meant taking a design thinking approach and involving customers iteratively in the development.

UserTribe suggested a three-stage customer-centric process:

1. Campaign idea test

Testing the initial marketing idea before the campaign went live.

2. Final campaign test

Danske Bank took the insights from the first study and adjusted the campaign as well as the persona. Danske Bank now knew the humans behind the customers and was ready to bulletproof the final taglines and campaign.

3. Market adaptation test

With the insights from the Danish market, Danske Bank could, later on, apply it within the Swedish market and cover cultural differences.

The methodology for all the studies was characterised by a high level of customer involvement. Each study covered, in detail; the understanding of taglines, on- and offline campaign materials and the campaign as a whole.


When you partner up with UserTribe you shorten your campaign delivery time dramatically. And the evidence is clear in the results for Danske Bank. After three customer-centric testing studies, Danske Bank could celebrate a successful campaign with proven documentation of the changes.

Today, after the launch, June is the most used investment robot in Denmark and now has more than 20,000 investors*

One of the central insights Danske Bank gained was the perception of June. The initial persona was a young, fresh and sassy representation of June. However, after the first study, the participants perceived this persona as untrustworthy with a lack of credibility.

After the final test, Danske Bank could go live in Denmark and Sweden with a reputable, young jet messaging to their target group.

❝ One of the key ingredients in making June a success was the customer-centric campaign development process. The insights gained enabled us to become sharper on how we present June and avoid critical pitfalls in our communication. We are very serious about listening to our customers, and this way a strong tool for us. ❞

Dorthe Krogh Jensen, Head of Brand Experience & Marketing at Danske Bank

What is June and Danske Bank?

June is an investment application created by Danske Bank.
With June in your pocket, you don’t have to be an experienced day trader from Wall Street to make your personal finances grow. June invests your personal savings based on sophisticated algorithms. After its launch, private customers have invested 1 billion DKK via June (Finans.dk | 2019).
Click here to learn more about June and Danske Bank.

Design thinking
as a methodology

For this type of Marketing Campaign, Danske Bank and UserTribe decided to approach the development process with design thinking. This meant integrating the customer or user iteratively into the process in order to secure a much more customer-centric approach with human insights. The results are clear: fast-tracking development and ensuring business success.

The UserTribe Customer Centricity Process

* References

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